Many times we are in a family were nothing is working or a Love one is into bad hobbys which we can see they needed help and we have help sometimes and think its over we are not doing more ,because we have our own family and this brother or sister is a problem in our lives and decided to forget about the contacted or relationship with this person ,if they die or Live has nothing to do with us anymore.

Have you really think carefully over your decision ,I you making the right decision,will this decision don’t brings you to a regrated tomorrow.

Sometimes it’s not how much we can give ,what is really important is our supports ,care and frighting with this persons in there illness of the storm.they sometimes knows that what they find themselves into

is out of the control and can’t help themselves anymore,but with patient with them and a pure love of our support they can gain courage to fright again and wanted to live again.its never good when we giveup so soon on the people we are to love in hood times and bad times.

what kind of persons are we when we think only about ourselves and status in socialty and not on the people around us and means so much to us,people God has put in our lives to be appreciated,People who were not by mistakes we are part off.people who Loves us so much but are suffer from Life Obstacles and are a Victim of Lives weakness.We are not a judge for why a person is not successful in Life,

We can only be a brother keeper and not loving them when death have come ,but Loving them in the battle with Life Pains,illness and there Cry in there lonlyness

It would be you and I in there shoes,we never know when the table turns ,and see ourselves face with chellegnes.

Let help and be Advocates and fright  in saving a persons Lives ,by standing by people we Love in times they really need us the most.the nights are long and many of them in there lonlyness cry for just one person to show love to them.

Used Unity World Family Advocated and Fright for Family Love,,supports ,Care ,Courage and helping to save Lievs.

Hope This Blog is worth reading ,we fright against sadness,lonelyness and Tears in the eyes of the unables.join us and make this world unity in Love.One Love People.



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