We all have ups and downs in Life and all are face one way or the other with our own problems? But there is one thing we all have in common is our Life,Hearts,body ,soul and blood that is Red.there is no different colors for a blood,only   a foolish preson will not understand because of all the hate and lock of Love from the up bring or there pass.Love  keeps us together and to think over things in a positive way not been always negative because its never help your Life ,but makes you sad and unhappy.

There is everything in each and everyone of us,no one is better then anyone,we all are made in differented ways and needed only to respected each other why we lived.It is always very good to think in two ways of Life before we judge or do things,in the good side or bad side of the problems.

Laughing at the next person problems will not make you more better then them ,but more stupid,because you could one day face more serious problem yourself then them.is always mindful of what we do and how we look down at others,it always comes back at us ,be it good or bad.No condition is perminent.

Be wise in treating people you lives with ,appricated the living being you can see and can help you when the needed Araises.

our cloths,cars,and dogs will not help ,only another human being like yourself.


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