Rich  Never Meant Look Down On Others

Many of us think having Money means having the world in our hands and everything in the world is under our feets.

yes that can be in the way you think or your mind because Money sometimes makes us to lose our senses and ways of thinking.

But one thing we should never forget is Money can’t buy Love, a good heart and Life.when we are health we forget that there are good timesand bad times in Life,and in the bad times we learned the lessons of Life in the hard is always good to live a good life ,because the way you make your bed is have you will lead on the way you live now can judge your faith for made not make sense now to you ,but when you are going through times of sickness and difficult times you will remember all the mistakes of your pass,which you could had change and make things better.

Metarials things are nothing,it cannot help us and we will leave them all behind when we are die and gone.The Values and respected for the next human being and person is all that matters.


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