Life is a Movie 🎥 

When we look around us today we ask ourselves why the world is so cool and people will lives with are so Innocent in their ways of Life and Thinking. For the way people you expect in a very good state of mind to say the things they do in public comments on the internet can put person like me the Nobody they call us  with out Money To be proud beening a Nobody then a Stupid.

The world have become a place of so much hated ,which have changed the good sense of the good thinking of people,it’s do not say ,anyone has the right to dislike anyone on this earth because they are who they choose to be,not liking a person don’t gives you the right to hated them either.

We all came here through the same means a Woman and have the same rights to Live on this earth, No one is giving more rights and more better because you have the material made by Men call Money to disrespect the onces you live with.

Life had No Guarantee and all what we have is vanishing before our own eyes when bad times comes and we have to start from the very beginning with nothing and the people or person we overlooked could be our savior.

Is always good for us humans to value the people we live with and appreciate there Love and beening around us. I don’t want us to allow Fear and hated turns us into sad people,but to overcome fears with courage,by telling ourselves we are bigger than all our negativity and is beautiful inside of Us.

We can only started the changes within ourselves first,before sharing it with the world,letting go of all the negative thinking and stop seeing everything bad and negative because you just don’t like it or a very selfish jealous person.

The World is a beautiful and happy place if only we are honest with ourselves and ready to live in honesty and truth,If I say honesty I mean honesty,not letting go of your own blood when they do wrong and put replacement for him with a different innocent person head.or overing up the secret of your life and living in a new Name.or taking Money to over the Sins of another person why they are to face justice.

We can Now see and understand why everyone person in the world thinks the way they does is because we all do not open our eyes to see that we are the creationist of a creator who is some where looking down at us.he didn’t give us the secret behind death and the creation of Life,to tell us human beings that the world is only rented to us for a short time and in this short time we are to live right with each other and Love each other in the world.

showing our children how to be better than us and good person with better understanding of life and respecting the character of others the ways they are.

We should join hands and work together in helping to save lives in so many ways,mostly the mindset of people and giving courage to the onces who are quick to giveup in Life and thinks all is lost,just because sometimes are bad.

My advice is never giveup even when you know you are going to die   keep on your feet and stand positive.Let us never be afraid of the bad things it’s hard but believe that the creator is always by your side to give you the strength you need to overcome if you put your trust in yourself,heart and mind.


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