The reason for this Question comes from so many reasons.when we look around us today we see many of the educational in position makes the Laws and give the advices as the big bosses,but most of the times there decision and advices are basically not making  this world better or changing the crisis we have in day to day Lives

I was thinking as leaders we makes decisions which opened a new ways and means for a Change and a New Life for our country futures and development.Upgrade against so many destruction in all areas of Life.

yet and still we are stay dancing to the same music every years around and things gets even wasted by the days.

If education was a way of solution to the problems of the life solutions and success.there will be better ways of  making decisions for example People who are suffering loneliness,War crimes,Hungry,Illnesses development in poor countries and many things which are seen by the eyes and nothing is stay happening.

we have so many organizations around today who are helping,but yet and still,we continue to see wasted cases, of these problems.It the Money the only Values for Living in the world Today or do we put values in the once we live with,to love and care also for them.

then Using of Guns to kill people and makes them we look around us today,we see how the minds of people are ,by looking at the TV and the talks shows then you can understand why we have no more safety for us and our children.they don’t think in the direction of helping the saturation but even to add more Fire and gas to make it burned.

hates and  none forgiveness has become the cause of our own problems and suffering in our own Life today,we have to let go our past hated and painful experience  this can only keep us staying in the same position and not changing that which has happened to us 10 years or 20 years ago.if we stop putting these pains and hurts on others,but help to stop it not to repeat itself again,can be of a greater help then making it more waste to continue its Evilness.

Our Hearts and minds are Our greatest Enemy and No one else in this world or Life,what we go through first beginning from our House first.there is a saying that goes around,”when the house don’t sells you the street wouldn’t buy you”

When We accept to Love and allowed Love to overcome the way we think Negative and begin positive thinking,not always having problems with everything of the world and other people,how they’re,think,do and say,but help them to see that somethings in this world can be changed and somethings that just the way it’s,because we Humans Being made it this way and just love seeing it that way.

Nothing is permanent in Life,just as Life don’t have Guarantee.”We all are Living Dead “meaning we all takes Risks everyday of our Life.

Live your life and be a happy person,don’t think you’re better because of Material things,Education or were you come from,you melt all there here on earth when you was Born and will Leave them all on Earth,just you and your little box will go in the world of the Death.

Aways forgive,Love someone,Smile and bring the good person out of you ,not the Bad and Ugly,it’s only makes you Sad at the end of the day.

one love



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