Love is a special word and means so much when it’s Real and comes from the Hearts.

we all wants to be Loved or be in love,but we have to be able to give Love back to have Love,when you Love,it’s feeling is deep within and you value and appreciate that Love that you never want to let go of it.

you can always see and feel when Love is Real or not,there are many of us who Love,but yet and still can’t be in love or be Love,why?have we asked ourselves,what made have been the problem.

getting to know your problems and facing them is a good beginning for a new changes in our Life.

you can only Love when you are ready for a team work in sharing everything openly on the table,nothing to hide and keep for yourself and before you do this,you have to be open and honest to your partner to do the same .no secret or things you keep in the dark has to all come out in the open.

many times keeping our deepest secrets and pass ,kills our present and happiness to start a new Life in Love.

when you decided to Love another person,you makes them a part of your own life by standing beside them in every way ,you try to understand them get to know them,not in a rush but with time.

Sex is not Love,it’s just the beginning to destruction,when it’s made first in a relationship.

making a person your friend first is the best Love you can build up in your life.

Allow Love to brighten up your life and never give up on yourself,just look in the mirror and know that the next person behind that mirror is all the fallers and not you before it.One Love and hope you enjoy this post.





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