Life is giving to us all,so that everyone can live in harmony and Love,sharing with each other and Living together as one big Family.But what has gone wrong, why are we killing ,hating,and destroying each other.I believe in caring and the values of the once I live with in this Life who need to be respected and Help when they cannot Afford to do so in the Life.Obstacles has had an Affect on so many life’s duel to Poverty and the Lock of responsibility of the once who have to Love,care and develop there country and people. I am a advocator for my people who can not speak out and need the World to Hear there voices. I come to you on behave of the unable and disabled,who are victims of there owner and country Leaders who are too selfish and need all the resources of there own people’s and country for only there pocket.
Help Me put back a smile on the faces of these Families who can not afford a Meal in a day time. I will like to develop the homes of dirty poor environment areas,bringing back sanitation in areas for safety in living environment,and building of homes which are not conducive for Humanity. I know how it feels liked been poor and stands for a good and honest cause.So don’t pay deaf ears and help me for a honest home country Liberia west Africa.


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