When you decide in your life to do what is right,your mind should be made up,and you can only achieve this by knowing the words of the holy Book of Life,which is the Bible.its open your heart,soul ,body and mind to the indeed of Life.you can only feel the new brith of life when you accept to know the word of the book of life the bible by been honest to your calling.if you are for Christ you have to be with him all the way by asking him to change your heart into his own ,giving you the heart of Love and forgiveness and thinking in a positive ways over life and the problems faced with life.one thing you should know is not easy been a christain ,because you Teach others how to Love and you can only do that when you yourself have Loved in your heart,because the greatest commandment is Love.No one has the right to force anyone to Christ,the bible help them to grow in the words of God My heart go out to all of you and I sent my Love out to your all,Please be strong and take this time as one of those bad days were one weakup from,it’s going to be okay,❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏾👼
Life has no Guarantee for us all,Because we all are the cause of our own Problems.the World has become a Market place for dishonest Politicians,hypocritical Religious Leaders and Hardened Criminals,the World as a whole is beyond reform.But like the saying goes when the house don’t sell you the street don’t buy you.This is a Lesson for us all,to think how we can solve the problems and not thinking negative or not just talking with our mouths but Brain.
Because No Body wanted to be a Refugee.


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